Shorten the time to market of ideas to real change and effect

Accelerate innovation with the help of The Milky Way

Welcome to a digital Creative Morning with focus on practical innovation. We will present how to tackle problem areas more rapidly and how innovation is accelerated and facilitated with the help of a Milky Way map.

Why isn’t anything new happening in my organization?

”Why isn’t anything new happening in my organization?” ”How do you make innovation happen?” It can be frustrating when the outside world changes at a rapid pace while the business feels sluggish and unfocused.

The webinar is hosted by Cecilia Nordén, IRM and Thomas Larsson, Proaktivt.  Thomas is a long-time product owner and innovation coach. He shows how to tackle problem areas and quickly come up with good ideas in an effective way that really makes a difference.

To implement the idea in the fastest and most efficient way, we use The Milky Way – a method and a business map that enables direct impact analysis. A Milky Way map is a capability model that shows what the business does, what IT support it uses, what information is handled and how the business interacts with customers and partners. With it as a basis, many analyses can be made; for example, where projects are going on today, what we spend our money on and what our problem areas are.

Cecilia Nordén, senior business and operations consultant, shows how the map is developed and used as a basis for innovation decisions.


Thursday 27 August 2020

08:00 – 09:00 a.m. CET

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Cecilia Nordén is a senior consultant, enterprise navigator, EA and a Milky Way trainer at IRM

Thomas Larsson is a senior consultant, enterprise navigator, and innovation coach at Proaktiv.